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The Legend of Tarzan

Tarzan (2013) ทาร์ซาน

The Legend of Tarzan

The Legend of Tarzan In the Berlin Conference of 1884-1885, the Congo Basin is claimed by King Leopold II of the Belgians. Five years after, Leopold has accrued massive due to the riches of the Congo Free State and sends his representative Leon Rom to secure the legendarily-prized diamonds of Opar. Chief Mbonga leads the warriors that attack Rom’s team and offer him diamonds in return for Tarzan.

The Earl of Greystoke is the person who was once popularly referred to as “Tarzan”. The Rt Hon. John Clayton, the Earl of Greystoke has left Africa to return to his home, which is in the British Isles. Jane is his American wife was invited by Leopold, to visit Boma, Democratic Republic of Congo. Leopold offers Lord Greystoke a trip to Boma. A envoy from the United States, George Washington Williams and the Prime Minister explain to Greystoke that Leopold has fallen behind on his loans and that a visit by Greystoke who’s exploits as Tarzan earned him fame and influenced the world, is going to ensure that the influence of Britain is maintained in Congo. Greystoke declines. John Greystoke is convinced by George to share with him his fears that Leopold has enslaved the Congolese people. A flashback shows John the death of his parents as well as his adoption of the great apes, the Mangani. At the Greystoke country home, Jane is telling children that they are there. John, after a battle with Jane, has a flashback of when the age of five was and playing in the treehouse alongside his ape foster mom and foster brother Akut. Then, Alpha Male Kerchak pursues the ape.

John, Jane, and George journey to the Congo in search of an escape route from Rom and his corrupt financier, Mr. Frum, and are received by the Kuba village where John and Jane’s childhood. Jane tells George about John’s experiences with Mangani and how she came to meet Mangani for the very first time. Rom and his men take the villager hostage and take down Chief Muviro. They also end up they take Wasimbu together with other capable young men to work as porters. George is able to rescue John, but Jane and the other villagers are transported to Rom’s steamship. Rom informs Jane that John’s request has been arranged from Leopold to bring the man to Mbonga. Following the steamship, John, George, and the remaining village warriors board the train that is carrying Belgian soldiers as well as enslaved Congolese. Leopold has endorsed Rom’s plan for overthrowing the current government of Congo. Rom is a slave master who utilized slave laborers to construct forts throughout the region, is connected via river transport and railroads to allow for an army of 20,000 mercenaries who will soon be arriving. With Leopold bankrupt, Rom needs the diamonds of Opar to fund the army.

Documents that expose Leopold, John and George take the evidence to the Kuba warriors and slaves they rescued to be delivered to Boma and then the two go towards Mangani territory. John is forced to confront his brother who is his foster Akut who is the chief of the Apes. John is defeated, however the two of them George are allowed to continue forward. Jane and Wasimbu escape the steamship and run away into the wild. Jane is the one to take Wasimbu off to gather the tribes of other tribes, knowing Rom’s soldiers will follow her. Jane encounters the Mangani, and Rom’s men shoot at the apes. John arrives and helps Mangani’s survivors. Rom chases Jane, who then takes Jane to Mbonga’s tribe. John killed Mbonga’s son a few years ago in revenge for the murder of John’s foster mother, Kala. John wins the battle but Mbonga is saved by Mbonga’s chief. George and the Mangani arrive and John convinces Mbonga Rom is their common enemy.

Rom is the one who takes Jane (who is set to be sold slave) and the diamonds to Boma and there the mercenary force is advancing towards the shore. John and George are the commanders of a wildebeest stampede all over the town, and are in pursuit of Rom’s men. Kuba warriors arrive to rescue their families. John rescues Jane, and then chases Rom. Rom then takes the diamonds to Boma, where the mercenary is strangled John with his rosary. Rom escapes, and Rom is eaten by the Crocodiles. When the steamship’s boiler bursts, he escapes.

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